Young volunteers

The Young Volunteer Programme is currently under national review - when we have more information we will communicate this with all clubs.

Midlands Young Volunteer Programme 2022

The Programme aims to:

  • Provide young individuals with an overview of the different volunteering pathways; club roles, events and officiating
  • Provide information about the different roles which volunteers undertake to continue the development of aquatic sports
  • Support and develop transferrable skills, which can be used to enhance education and future job applications

The program is split up into 3 modules:

  • Leadership and Club Management
  • Events
  • Officiating

The 3 modules will be covered in a 3 hour workshop, the Young Volunteers will take away what they have learnt to then complete a self-learn task and 3 practical tasks for each module.

Our first cohort of the year completed the 3 hour workshop on Sunday 6th March 2022. We are looking to run 2 more cohorts this year, in June and October. 

New dates added

Young Volunteers will only need to attend one regional workshop. For more information just click the appropriate poster.